Organizing Your Database For Auto-Flow

March 24, 2022

There are many reasons for having your contacts well organized. Making sure you have contact information and mailing lists ready to go so you can manage your auto-flow is one of them. Here we’ll cover how to easily get your contacts organized which will not only help you get your list to us to help with auto-flow, but also help you be ready to take action on your hot and warm lists, syncing with CRMs, and more.

First things first. Choose your warehouse.

Having all of your contacts in ONE place will make everything much easier to manage and day to day life when using your phone much more pleasant. While Microsoft Excel is a very good option with lots of flexibility, it doesn’t sync with anything.

Using a cloud service like Google, iCloud, Office365, and more is a great way to store contacts that will automatically sync with your phone. No more searching for phone numbers or email addresses. You can also create categories, tags, or lists (depending on the platform) within the contact manager so you can easily identify who is on your auto-flow mailers, holiday cards, or your black list.

Next, make sure your records are up to date.

Start with the people you talk to most or are currently in flow with. Check their contact record to make sure you have their phone numbers, emails, mailing address, birthday, and any other important information you want to store in that one contact record.

You can use the notes section to keep track of little things you want to remember like their favorite brand of Prosecco. If you have set up your account on your phone, those notes will appear there as well so you have easy access to them on the go.

Bonus tip. If you sync your contacts with your calendar—which is automatic with platforms like Google—birthdays will appear on your calendar! When you do your weekly planning, take a look at the calendar and you’ll likely have a few birthday cards to write.

Finally, create your lists.

Now that you have your contacts in one place and fully updated, create some lists. Or tags. Or categories. Or whatever the system calls them. Create a list for “auto-flow mailing” and add everyone you want to be on your postcard list. As you add new people to your warehouse of contacts, tag them to that list if you’d like to send them mailers.

With your lists created, it is easy to export them to a .csv or .xlsx file for easy upload to us or whoever else you might need to share your mailing list with.

If you are working with a CRM, making sure you utilize a warehouse like this may also help you sync contacts back and forth with ease so you don’t have to do any double entry, one thing that kills usability of a CRM.


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