8×8 In A Box

Ever want to perform an 8×8 but are unsure what to do? This is where the 8×8 In A Box comes in handy. One box will include everything you need to perform an 8×8 with 10 different people. We customize all postcards to fit your personalized template.

Initial pricing is $250 per box for current customers using our postcard service and $300 per box for non-customers.
Orders are processed and shipped within about four weeks.


What’s in the box?

Everything you need to run an 8×8 campaign with 10 different people.

  • 10 notecards with envelopes and postage

  • 10 sets of 5 postcards (50 total) with postage (printed on your custom, personalized template)

  • 1 pen

  • 1 tracking sheet

What is an 8×8? It’s 8 touch points with one person over 8 weeks. Here’s are those touch points:

  1. Handwritten note

  2. Postcard – Know the value

  3. Postcard – Increase the value

  4. Postcard – Maintain the value

  5. Postcard – Protect the value

  6. Postcard – Extract the value

  7. Phone call

  8. Face to face meeting

We supply what you need to perform weeks 1 through 6 and provide a tracker to help you manage what was sent, when it was sent, and who to call and meet with next.

Here is what the postcards look like:

You might be asking, “I understand the first six weeks, but what do I call about on week 7 to meet in person on week 8?” That’s a good question! There are many ways you can approach this. You can simply call to say “hi” and schedule a coffee meeting to get to know each other better. You can also use this program to set up a real estate review for a client, making that call on week 7 to say that you’ve prepared a report and that you’d like to meet with them to review it.

The opportunities are virtually endless on how to use this 8×8 program. If you have any questions about this, just reach out to us at cheers@proseccoandpost.com.

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